Thursday, August 21, 2008

Snap Shot to Lapu-lapu

Last week was a blast off despite the 36 hours without sleep. Saturday afternoon I got a visitor, Maricel the fiancé of my brother. She’s an accounting supervisor and because I’m running a small business she extended her precious time teaching me some skills of accounting and auditing. She’s also a good bookkeeper and thankfully it was free of charge! I picked her up in the afternoon then we started working. Afterwards I took her to the Mactan Shrine and it was her first time to visit the place in her 15 years stay on Cebu. The following day we went to the beach! I’ll share some pics one at the time because I can’t accommodate them all, especially now my connection is terribly slow. I’ll continue each day of posting our events to fill in the blank entries here also...So enjoy viewing!:)



The Ladies of Lapu-lapu :P

Mactan Shrine


Our tour to Mactan Shrine:)

How generous Lapu-lapu made me a nice house:P
It couldn't be taken there is my name heheh

Maricel my visitor!:P

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