Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The dreamer

I'm a dreamer sometimes. My wildest dreams inspire me to work hard and hopefully if God’s willing, it will be granted. With each breath there's always a dream to achieve. It's normal I failed sometimes but it never stopped me of dreaming. There was one time, I sat under a tree all alone. I was entertained watching those cars passing by. I admired the women driving a car and I made a wish that hopefully one day I could drive my own car having conquered the fears of driving in the streets. Many times when I shared my small dreams to someone I received countless peculiar laughs and smiles. It was doubted I could overcome my nerves. So from then on I kept my dream to myself and continued dreaming.

These days I do drive a car but not own one yet, and even got my first hours on a motor bike. I'm very grateful to my dearest friend who supports me and my dreams! :)

I conquered my fears! :-)

....hang around here to see more of my dreams come true!:P


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