Tuesday, August 19, 2008

heart wrenching connection

...I don’t know until when I can surmount my laggard connection. I am using wireless smart bro since I transferred to my current location. It is too far from the city and too far from the server itself. I had even used the Antenna extension so that it would be easily connected to the satellite. But it still doesn’t help. Well in fairness: if the weather is good I sometimes have a fast connection unfortunately not that often. I hate it when I have to struggle to open my blog and of others, much more on grabbing a task. It would take longer time than the expiration minutes of the task..gggrrr…but then again, I have to surmount when I chose this area. I am wondering how my blog looks like with the entry I made yesterday. I still wasn't able to view it..huhuhu Could you please tell me how does my blog look? Was it arranged properly?

load now please...:(

server not found...gggrrrr

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