Saturday, March 24, 2007

Summer games

We are now heading the hottest year. People are leaping into the beach with their summer outfit and involving themselves to different game of sports. Having fun on summer days! But Genalyn and I shifted different fun these summer. No need to wear swim wear and worrying of sunburn. All we do is cracking our heads to a vocabulary games of Literati through Yahoo Messenger. Genanlyn is a mile miles miles away, living in Luxembourg but its just one finger away to have her play. hooray! to the genius inventor of these technology... Before Genanlyn invited me to this game. I was hooked up with another games from Yahoo, Bookworm Adventure. Finally for the sleepless nights spent I had completed the adventure already but still did not save the princess yet. Another dawn must spent it again. Imagine i start playing from 9pm-4am. On my day off all day and night long. I can even manage to play with Genalyn's Literati and Bookworm. Seems my addictions of these games is getting worst. In Literati- Both of you must be on line in Yahoo Messenger and play like the scrabble..


and the winner is Genanlyn!:P

yeppeeyyy...Adventures completed!

Far yet to save the Princess :(

So why don't you join us...Lets have the conference games....:)


haze said...

mao ba cg diay mo gadula no genalyn???maoy diay na?hehehe....happy weekend day glors!

Pathbb said...

Hey Mam Glor,wow you have posted our online game here(literati)LOL!Your right.I really enjoyed playing this game.Mabaid akoang utok jud ani..

Ylan said...

sayang dili ko kaduwa anih tsk :)

glorie said...

Haze- ma lingaw man sad mi ni Genanlyn ug duwa..

Patbb--wala man koy lain ika update gud..lingaw sad ko duwa ani..duwa nasad ta..:)

Ylan--sayang jud para daghan natang malingaw..:)

Anonymous said...

mao jud na akong ganahan ug duwaon kung na akos yahoo suway day glorie sa click LINGO PLUS! kana duha pod mo ana guess 5 letter word! usually basta onlien ko magduwa man kos word games!:)


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