Friday, March 30, 2007

Memorable Birthday

Last night was my birthday. It was a wonderful happening, although I had the impression to be at a Kids Party: all the guest were children but I was probably the biggest kid of them all'. Well, it's good to get a Kids Party, to keep me in touch with dipers myself!LOL... It was a highlight when all kids wanted to blow the candles: a feast for the eye, and a nightmare for the one who had to clean the mess afterwards. The grown ups will regret not having been there, seeing the pictures later.



gilingaw ko nila :D

akong mga guest na bata

Biyaan sa barko si Candy hapit man, touch ko :(


---What made the party very glamorous was the presence of an intelligent witty lady-- Phoebe. Who we met together with some blog friends, last year. We, Lanny and I, felt honored to be invited for this dinner, this Sexy lady didn't know it was my birthday, actually. Surprisingly her husband and I share the same birthday. We went to the Japanese Kagura Restaurant, because we all love Japanese food. Thanks to Phoebe's natural charm the restaurant offered us an ice cream as compliment to birthday-girl. With tight bellies we returned to our hotel and had a Bailey of three. Baileys' kept us ging on with chitchatting 'the tips for staying sexy' 'till 1 o'clock in the morning. I adore her very much!:)


A dream body :)

An honor to have pics

california maki and Ylan :P

Cheers to the celebrant! :P

Ice cream for me :P

Tatlong magandang dilag :D

Bailey's for us :0 :D

9:00 am, March 30

---I was half an hour early at our meeting for breakfast the next morning. Afterwards I accompanied her to the airport on her way to her hometown in Bacolod.

Nice legs!:)

I received pretty gifts from the people who love me: a pink handy from Holland, a pink spagehettei, a Slazenger shirt, mascara and pink pearl bracelet by Phoebe, a pink jumper from Ailein and a hairband and earrings from Cluy and Cellphone from my beloved sister Carlota. Not to forget the e cards from friends and the Biskdakplanet for the greetings. Surprise message from a long lost friend in Minglanilla and on the way book from Mol. Belgium :P

Thats all made my Birthday a memorable one!:)



kookie said...

wow perting ka mga waffa sa akong mga miga oi ka egatz ba ug mga posing hehehe tc and have a good weekend amigas.

Agring said...

Happy Birthday Glorie! Wow! Bongga imo birthday. May Bailey's pa huH! Lashing ba Lovely gifts sad imo nadawat. Have a great week ahead. And oh! gwapa kaau inyo mga posing...

Genalyn said...

Ka nice sa mga color sa gifts nimo fink kaayo...

haze said...

siter di-ay mo ni carlota Glor's?Karon pako nice kaau moha mga goodies it all ako na unya ha ug dili naka ganahan........enjoy kaau moha b-day sah...full of love jud.

Carlotz said...

pirteng suya-a jud nako oi. i thought i gave you the samsung.

glorie said...

kookie: yeah mga waffa jud!:P ikaw sad..:P

Agring: Thanks!:) libre na ni madame phoebe and bailey's...thanks!:)

Genalyn: lagi fink kaau..thanks!:)

Haze: yes biologically..hehe obviously wafa si sis..heheh
thanks kaau!:)

Sis: samsung ang ako pero kay wala pa na open line..

Anonymous said...

wow!! kasadya ninyu tan-awon oi labi na sa imong b-day party with kids:) bilib ko nimo maam dahh kay imo jud gipalipay ang mga kabataan:)

vk said...

wow kasadya nyo uy.....

ibog ko bya......

happy easter............

sonia said...

Glorie, better late than never... belated happy birthday!!! bibo kaayo mo tan-awon ug guapa kaayo ang b-day girl. wow, very nice long (straight) hair and you look hot and sexy!!! Kit-an jud unsa ka ka- "love" sa imong pamilya. Enjoy man jud kaayo mo. Okiedoks, ayo2x. May you have many more candles to blow, many graces/blessings from the Lord, good health, and happiness!

Lanie G said...

Hi glorie.. nakit-an ra gyod nako inyong mga photos ni miss phoebe.. maayo kay nagkita napod diay mo. Belated happy birthday sorry I'm late but better late than never.. love all your pink present my one of favorite color. Great sis you have giving you a flip cellphone. tc


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