Sunday, November 05, 2006

oh where am i?

Oh where am I?

I am still here so alive and kicking! heheh it was unfortunate when I fail to sneak a seconds to leavea message to my whereabout during holiday of All Souls and Saints Day. Usually every year especially on All Souls day I received an offer to a unaffordable fee to be cast either a witch or ghost in certain cementry.LOL Well, the past two weeks was occupied again the usual kiat of a single..nice man jud basta single pa you have all the freedom to go anywhere. When my sore eye was completely gone my kiat started again, parties here, there and anywhere.invitation left and right..hehe kidding!:) just few party i attend. I do love listing all the events i went through..hehe

Oct. 22
-sore eyes has gone and birthday party 'till dawn.

Oct. 23
-hanging around with my nephews

-party party rami sa akong friend kami ra jud duha maski wala gud celebration. ga hikay sad siya mura jud party..hehe

October 26
- Aillien and Candy visited me kay wala naman daw ko nagpakita sa ilaha over 48 yrs nah..heheh unya ni laag kadiyot sa Bungtud wala may lain hang-out-tan..hehe

Oct. 27-28
-fiancee of my brother invited us to eat their house kay Pista man.maski ni labay mi sa ika pitong bungtod gi adto jud ang pakals. naa man gud sa Ibo Danao and Gosh imagine the hill of the mountain that is how far Ibo was. I could no longer count mountains we passed by as we were enjoy riding the habal-habal..heheh

Oct 29-Nov 5
-whew! a great vacation in Camotes Island!:P Actually, it was unplanned and i realized since Danao Port for Camotes is 1 km away from Ibo walay langan-langan diretso sakay dayun sa pumpboat. I spent my Halloween in Camotes at the cottage of my sister Carlotz alone. As in ako ra jud isa ang ni larga my parents was in Cebu. But I enjoy alot swimming and sleeping alone as I am used to it. hehe

Thats all where i am.:) Guys i'll be on your doorstep now! :)

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