Thursday, October 19, 2006

My cubicle

My Cubicle

maski gi piskat ko hala ni dalikyat jud ug post.heheh
It is so freaking funny. The sounds like the real singer...good trciked!LOL As they said in reality, It's sad to spend 1/3 of our daily life in a cubicle:):P

I found that hilarious and not very far from the truth in my case and to some of you working :( except that I'm not in a cubicle but a room with 4 other persons and that I've never sat here nude LOL.

Mao nih na wala pa naayo ang akong piskat kay ga segi paman gihapon ug tutok sa computer..gggrrrr mag 5 days nah akong piskat naa pa gihapon gamay pula mura na padulong mo fresh dli na tanto dubok...heheh naa baya koy party attend-nan karon saturday kaluoy nako...huhuhu!:( laay man sad gud ko diri kaon tapos higda nasad...sus ka kapoi anih nga life!:( hehehe

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