Tuesday, September 26, 2006

activities behind on me

Activities behind on me

If I'm not mistaken ,its over a decade since I last posted. a lot of things happened over the past one month, I just didn't have enough mojo to put all the events and experiences down in my blog. Anyway, here's the few stuff that kept me preoccupied.

Massage spa/ Salon
- I am not that fortunate of working body. I had this sprain at my back that I suffered every now and then especially if i fail to have it massage. Before I start my first day training of work. I had a general overhall to my ever treasured "hiwi nga" body. I usually had my massage to Body and Sole before I plan to, I went to JY Square to check the dental clinic recommended by my friend, when I headed on to, I saw this Senses Spa adjacent to it and was attracted to there offer "Body massage with Sauna" for only 350, thats a great savings for me. immediately I set schedule before my appointment I had it first pedicure and on the following day hair relax and spa. gi tudo na nako pag make over! hehehe :P

Work work and Work
- Since i just started my work. All my time was devoted to it. hahah actually, i am a workaholic man jud ko. Since then I fail anymore to hang out with my family and friends. I miss the smiles, and laugh to my nephew and hug to my nanay, friends to clubbing and outing. huhuh but thats life. :) In my work, I learn to be cautious with calories, diet in all hahah. most of them are fatty man gud me lang ang super tikig. If i eat something that has calories initial reaction nila "glor grabeh kaau nah ang calories anah" nah ako pa walay kalibotan anah kaon kay kaon rako. heheh and just a week ago they started to have after six diet. ammmbbrrrooottt lang unsay nasulod sa akong utok apil sad ko. Our cook would ring the bell that the food is already served at 5:00pm, imagine? well, have no choice except to join them and at 7 or 8 never felt hungry. unya perting dauta sa diet2x. On the first day of morning aww can't really take the pain on my stomach as in grabeh jud. I even put some Omega pain killer but it doesn't work and it took for few days sometimes now. Daut jud! :)

Dental Clinic
- My dentist clinic actually is in SM my friend just recommend me to JY but doesn't like the fee and the service. I had my dental check up two weeks ago. The dentist really advice me to have my bottom brace with unaffordable price. She appoint me to have X-ray to know the problems between the teeth and the supporting structures of teeth. Pretty sure can't do that not unless i stumble a poor chinise man...hahahah

-My weakest link and made me broke now :( but i am happy to it. I had a shopping from head to toe heheh. I like the collection of July (accessories, blets,blouses,jeans,etc.) located in Ayala, Lee and Jag for my jeans and shirts, Freego for Polo shirt, Filgia and Mario de Boro for shoes, I was fortunate enough to buy 3 shoes in Metro Ayala for less than 1000 what a nice price actually! because that amount can be bought to one pair in Filgia or Mario only heheh... Bag not particular to it and most likely bought it in SM... hala pila kaha ilang bayad nako sa, for endorsing there products..hheheh and No wonder nganong ga diet nako kay wala naman koy ikapalit ug kaon..LOL

- Is a bar and restaurant near Rustans. Since I started my work I dont have anymore night life and for the very first time my friend Aillien, and Candy, Mugs, Ytet( A-line's friend I just met them) with their lovers ( mhe lang ang wala :( ), pick me up in the office to have some fun that night unfortunately i ruined the night to let aillien drove me home for my stomach troubled me much. Ayy nadaut sa diet seguro! :(

Bungtud II
- Saturday night at Autoshop and on monday night again in Bungtud II. Ai, ako basta naay laag ug dili na conflict mo uban jud ko labina libre ang tanan...heheheh

Ocean Pearl
- Our favorite beach hang out. We dont know why maybe because Aillien is already close to the owner or we just like the beach, so cozy and affordable. This weekend will have plan to go in the beach but pity on me can't swim kay you know nah bag-o pako nagpa relax...wahahaha

Another activties I fail to share months ago :( Now,here I am again...Mabuhay c GLORIE!!! :)

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