Thursday, October 05, 2006

High School Musical

High School Musical

I had been wanting to watch this movie but doesnt have an ample time to watch aside from that, we dont have cable for Disney Channel where it was shown. I thank always on Youtube my reliable site. whatever movies i miss I just click it. Yesterday I got chanced viewing the entire movie. It was amazing and awesome one. I feel inlove the voice of Zac Efron as Troy and Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella. These musical shows reminiscing my high school days which experiences related to the movie.hehehe:P Actually, I like watching musical shows since I started schooling 'till I graduated. I dont miss every shows. I remember, the College of Arts and Sciences in USJ-R my alma mater often held a musical shows and never I miss it. The Sound of Music most played in USJ-R was so nice. All talents can be Leah Salonga or whoever well known artist singer they could definitely sang a good song. I was once watched in SM Cinema students from STC and Immaculade title was Sister I guess but truly forgot the title. If I could scan the booklet was still in my box collections of music, i would know. Kapoy man storya sa the whole story atoh kani lang kang Troy and Gab. magka buang nasad akong 'puter dli ni ma post.hehehe

These video is one of the best part and I like it very much! :) basin nakilig ko anih pag tan-aw..haai kani jud c Troy ma corrupting of minor man ta anih ug ahat...hehehe




Well, for those who have not seen it try viewing it in Youtube.You will definitely enjoy the movie. Cute man ang duha gud nice pa jud ilang mga tingog..LOL! It only take 1-2 hours I guess.balik balik man gud ko in every favorite scene nako.hehehe

These are also the list of their favorite songs:

Start Of Something New
Get'cha Head In The Game
What I've Been Looking For
Stick To The Status Quo
When There Was Me And You
Bop To The Top
Breaking Free
We're All In This Together
I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Okie dokie, Enjoy veiwing everyone and Have a great weekend ahead! :)

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