Thursday, August 10, 2006



It has been awhile since my last post . I've been preoccupied lately with a lot of tasks and events that I just couldn't find enough energy and enthusiasm to do any blogging. However, I'm grateful and appreciative to my fellow bloggers and friends who took the time and effort in dropping by and leaving me tag messages and comments . I will be catching up on your blogs and will try to keep updating mine as well. Just to give you an idea of what the past months had been like, here are a few snippets from my schedule book:

Meeting the international beauties

- yeah i know it has been months since we've meet yet they had back home already. It was an honor to meet the international beautiful ladies. Amy ( thanks for the gift), Lanie G, Phoebe, and Amy's friend Baby. Though the time of meeting was just only a couple of minutes but we enjoyed a lot chatting each other and getting some glimpse on.:P

Korean series

- One of the reason I haven't been spending more time on blogging was watching the korean drama on youtube. With my list of the korean drama, I spent most of my days and night 'till dawn off on my favorite couch. I'm presently catching up, Love story in harvard and Sorry I love you which just shown this week in channel 7, the best ever romance comedy My girl, Secret garden, the truth, city of angel, love to kill, promise of love and alot more. No wonder my blood pressure was getting devastated. I even started to hooked up on Japanese series, the good luck where all the cute guys and gals are delicious..oh well, sobra man ka mga ambogan ang mga asian actors...heheh

Job search

-Over the past few months. I'd been applying for job the search has not been fruitful as im pretty picky and managing jobs in certain company does not pay much compared at my current job. Recently, I went for interview and qualified on the field they are looking. The interview seems interested in giving me the chance. they offered me a free board and lodging and other good benifits.

Time of my adorable nephew

- the greatest pleasure i ever did this past few months is spending a lot of time to my nephews. It was really a great experienced yet I even thought of having even one child. I knew how they can make your life complete. More often we went to timezone in ayala, bibo in sm and park. Its a priceless time.:)

Well, that's it guys. I hope I'm not boring you with the mundane details of my life. I'm looking forward to visiting your neck of woods sometime soon. Thanks again for dropping by.:)

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