Saturday, April 05, 2008

am i bored!:(

i guess?? but it ease my boredom while answering this questions! :P

1.So what will we call you?
*depends to the place and people: family and camotes poeple call me Indhay; friends people of cebu call me glorie

2. And how young might you be?
* please don't ask this bad question! hehehe i intend to refuse to think of my age because that i am still in the single stage! bweehehehe

3. Wait, are you a guy or a chick?
* im a chic... ;)

4. Suppose you see your boy/girlfriend kissing another person, what would you do?
* I don't have boyfriend obviously didn't experienced:( if supposed (as it is the question hehe) i guess i will walked out.

5 . Are you doing this just because you're bored?
* coz im alone, im bored and i wanna
have a break.

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