Friday, April 04, 2008

escapade "escape" camiguin

The Paradise of Camiguin

painful..huhuhu :(

How devastating when The Tourist Dream Destination fails you to achieve! How unfortunate when opportunity is already knocking on your door yet circumstances arise that I even tried to avoid? God knows how it broke my heart!:( I am supposed to be on the boat right now going to Camiguin the place of paradise. So many times I’ve attempted to visit this place and so many times it’s been denied. Way back in 2005 I was in Cagayan from where it is only 45 minutes away from the city but work kept me busy ‘till I got back here in Cebu. Camiguin triggers me and I’m dying to go there one day! Right at my hand now but still not meant to be. Gosh when do u think I see the day to go to that paradise? Can u allow me please? Please, my heart is breaking now. I know people are having so much fun there that I miss a lot!:( it’s breaking really breaking…

My ticket to the paradise


Amy said...

ayayaay!! ka sayang ba sa beach swimming uy.. sorry to hear about it ms glorie:( but ayaw lang kagoul better luck next time. wink*

btw, ka puti baya sa ilang sand og ang pumpboat sa pic mura jud og nag panawag. hehehe*

Ylan said...

ayaw lang ug hilak when you see our photos ha! bwahahahaha *evil laugh*

sige lang, basin kuyugan tikaw ig muadto ka kay wala man ko ni paddle sa rafting, pagpadulong nako ending ni paddle..

kita ka sa akong nawng, arang ka sunog! pero sige ra kay puerte gyud ka lingaw... best time of my life! :)


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