Monday, February 11, 2008

Tea of life

How heartbreaking when you were the reason to someone to get mad. how frustrating when very important matters were failed to achieved. There is something needed me to ponder to my relationship with the people. I realized that in order to have a smooth relationship to the person there must be the ingredient of "open communication" this is first and foremost important in life. I have definitely built my own world which certainly couldn't help to both sides of the life. I need to see the reality of life and the reality of the cruel world. these has been shared to a friend i met. The tea of life is must be balance.:)


Babette said...

Hello Glorie, kamusta na. :)

Lanie G said...

hi glorie kumusta and single lady in cebu.. always sexy ba gihapon basin makalaag napod ko cebu this year.. well see pa.


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