Saturday, February 09, 2008

laid back saturday

it's a laid back saturday where there was not much work in the office not even a single booking. lazy our butt was when we had different things we did to entertain our time. Like i was on line phone for an hour chatting my friend how are we going to spend our summer vacation. we were excited planning another top tourist destination to visit but in a sudden we pause the excitement because we have huge problem, a huge problem that will stop us counting the days visiting the place. Would you like to know?mmmm secreto para bibo! heheh am i making the right point of my discussion here? fired out, when i was talking laid back saturday with my officemates, yeah right! my officemate doing was enjoying the red alert game. we certainly contribute a good job to the company. heheheh

Better shut my mouth here! blewww...

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