Monday, November 05, 2007

the odd facts about myself

Some odd facts about the owner of this blog! I'll post another even...hehehe

1. Are you a photo addict?
-- ain't it obvious! i'll share: there is one person i appreciated it very much who never ever get tired taking me pics. i know some guys don't seems like it but to him gosh, he would even be the one to say..take pics of this for your blog! isn't he sweet and supportive? :P hehehe

2. What were you doing this morning at 8am?
---oh boi was still in the street that hour hurried for work as i am late again for this month!:(

3 . What is one thing you wish to change about yourself?
-- so many..there is still a tiny of me being in the tight shell that fear to get out the rotten shell!:(

4. When was the last time you got really hurt?
-- better keep it for myself!:P well, i guess that was last further explanation pls..

5. Something you are excited about?
-- not at this moment but worried only!:(

6. Party girl/boy or Home girl/boy?
--- i just love to travel rather go out at night! sometimes i will do accept if invitation is wholesome..heheh

7 . Name someone you miss.
-- him

8 . Who do you love?
-- me, myself and I (hehehhe)

9 . Would you rather date someone 2 years younger or older?
-- always older..i tried when i was in college but duhh that was for the sake of dating..hehehe

10 . Do you have a porn collection?
---> believe it or not, at my young age now, i didn't even tried to watch censured how much more collection of porno? promise, never seen it!:(

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