Tuesday, November 06, 2007

keep smiling

Next to add significantly to the healthy looks we all fall for, good teeth are vital for our general condition because they are the first tools on the way to digest our food. Well equipped they’ll make it easier for all other organs. And keep them in good shape as well. If so, tooth-decay and other infections won’t have a chance!

An Apple a Day, Keeps the Dentist Away, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Unexpected things can happen to all of us. And what we need then is a custom made affordable and fast insurance that will cover the damage done.

Dentalplans.com with its discount dental plan provides where traditional dental insurances fail: swiftness because there’s no tedious repetitive paperwork, but a plan membership card. It has no health restrictions. No annual limits. No long waiting list. And last but not least: an agreeable membership fee and 3 months of service for free!

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