Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tired survey

1. How are you feeling today?
- I am totally knackered yet I render half day of my work because I couldn’t function in the office.

2. Where did you go today?
- office and SM mall- I accompany candy to buy a birthday present for her Nephew

3. Who do you miss badly?
- Sunshine…

4. What are you doing right now?
- taking a break from all things and waiting sunshine..

512. Are you considered as a happy person?
- im happy but i have my moments that I am not. and im good in hiding it..

6. What's on your mind right noW?
- sunshine, rest, beach or gym tomorrow, blog

7. What's your hobby?
- exploring natures and beaches, music, blogging

8. Where do you wanna go right now?
- bedroom

9. What do you see life as?
- complicated when really it's not.

10. What surprises you?
- things i dont know? ;p


vk said...

what are your feeling today....

ako pangutan-on, dia gikapoy, sakit likod liningkod diri sa

sigi, ari sa ko, kay gabii na....

bye and have a nice weekend na lang nyo dha....

mayo mo sigi laag sa SM.....hay kanus-a pa ko kauli diha.....

gLoR!e said...

vk: lagi kapoi jud permi lingkod silya..hehe salamat sa imong bisita diri!:)

小籠包Jason said...



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