Sunday, October 14, 2007

eye problem?

i miss my blog here for few days had been sick again and again. my speculations is my beautiful eyes was affected with the radiation of the computer or anything wrong with the eyes? The symptoms is exactly coincide of the eye problems. Hooking up for couple hours in the computer would be one of the reason,i guess. i do not know yet actually this is just my speculations. i would know this afternoon appointment of my eye check up. should i ground myself here in the computer? no, i might lose my earning here and gonna miss my sunshine..:)


parisukat said...

doesn't you monitor or laptop screen have protection or something? what kinda pc are u using? or oir it a mac? maybe you need special glasses just to protect ur eyes while surfing.

Get well and have your eyes checked


gLoR!e said...

since my computers back i was not able to installed any protection in the screen. this could be a reason also..i hate to wear eye glasses but if it could bring a good eye then i have no choice..:)

thanks for dropping by here!:)

God bless!!

amy said...

ms glorie, musta na dinha? hope ok na imong mata. me, i used to wear eye glasses when i'm infront of my pc.. kay kon wala aguy, sakit kaayo akong mata jud. try lang basin ka uyon diay ka. wink*

salamat kaau sa mga tags og bisita my dear. pasensya naka karon pa ko nakalugar og suroy dinhi. btw, give me ur email address para ma send naku sa imoha ang ato pics sa cebu. ok! my ym is: amybmb25
have a nice week! take care.

babigurl said...

you need a screen protection I guess.

Well, hope you feel better.

Have a nice day!


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