Tuesday, October 23, 2007

secret to revail

22. What do you usually say when you meet a person?
*** hello. :)

23. Do you agree on the saying "to forgive is to forget?"
*** nope.

24. Last thing you held before using the computer?
*** staring the t.v..

25. Where is the place you always dreamed of?
*** europe

26. When was the last time your tears fell?
*** just this morning: maybe a tears of joy or a tears of a bit lonely and sad or a tears of excitement for this coming days..

28. At what age are you ready to get married?
* ** no preferences!:)

29. Long hair or short?
*** me? long hair! :) partner? clean cut.

30. First person to run to if you are depressed?
*** best friends

31. Whats the last movie you watched?
* ** a love story

34. Were you attracted to a person ten years older than you?
*** yeah. :)

35. Are you happy at this point of your life?
*** yes, inspired!:)

37. Are you in love now?
*** yeah.. :)

38. With whom?
*** secreto para bibo. hehehe. :)

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