Monday, October 22, 2007

another survery

i am throwing another questions and answer here that i love it because in these way people who haven't know me yet will accidentally know it here!:P hehehe

1.Where have you been an hour ago?
*** in the street going home from work

2 . State your name?
*** gloria

3 . Do you like your name?
*** yeap!

4. Can you remember what you did on the first day of your school?
*** cry? hehe.

5. What do you want to be in ten years?
*** happy, settled and contented.

6. What do u feel upon receiving emails?
*** depends on email

7. At what age you first learned to use a pc?
*** when i was in high school i guess..

8. Have you ever eaten any exotic food?
* ** nope and not interested.

9 . What was the last illness that you had?
*** the symptoms of eye problem

10. Do you like listening to rap music?
*** before

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