Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Being entirely wrapped into a sport is of all ages, gender and cultures. Some of us will get the bug from the cradle, and take it with us into the grave. Others gradually grow into a second family of sports. Friends, co-workers, the guy living in the next block. All with the shared devotion for one particular sport or team.
The hearts of our bunch beat enraptured the moment the reds and whites of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights are waving in the air! Typical gestures of favourit players are often copied and cheered by all of us. Most of us have an endless growing collection of sports apparel. And there’s a stiff competition about who knows first the latest.

Now, having our hands on collegesports-fans with nation wide links to sports message boards, previews from team fan sites and forums it ain’t getting easier, but more interesting for sure. This small but loyal family of sports has found an even bigger number of soul mates all over the country. But the sharing a laugh or tear watching our Knights remains the biggest asset! 

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