Thursday, October 18, 2007

My life simple pleasure

I live my life to the fullest on a simple way of living!:)

1. Body Massage/Spa

  • Best pampering to myself is body massage, body scrub, foot and facial. If and when I have extra amount in my wallet will indulge this. I love to be routine on body massage because back pain is striking me always!:(

2. Exercise
  • oh I love it! But these past few months never had the change doing a single exercise. I honestly admit that I am totally knackered of my bloated belly seems can’t help out anymore and I give up! Used to enroll myself in a belly dancing but that was just a month. What excite me is the latest HiphopAbs another form of exercise to get rid of the bloated abs. how I wish I could have one even pirated!

3. Call/ txt
  • I simply touched someone called nor txt me showing the care of the person. It makes me feel so happy.

4. Invitation
  • Whatever occasions either outing or party in house. I already enjoy! I am basically a homebody person. Seldom I can go out in my room.

5. Restaurant hopper
  • Obviously love eating! I indulge myself on food and hopping the restaurant. Well honestly there were only few decent restaurants I had been for prices are quite expensive. I only visit restaurant that is affordable to me. Even just a small one could really suffice already my thirst of eating.. heheh
6. Collection of shoes, bags and shades
  • When I was still in college I like collecting shoes and bags that is affordable to my mother and sister. But when I started to earn my own I hardly buy even one of that collection. It’s been decade have a new one.. I couldn’t imagine of myself that now im wearing the working and casual shoes daily without changing it since June and almost to give up alreadyL Seems priorities are sometimes have to consider. But it already made me happy for I live a simple life!J

7. Church
  • I am not religious person but practicing my faith. I visit church as much as I can. Don’t get me wrong, I like going to church alone just wanted to be alone not unless I have my special someone to be with was never had happened yet. So when friends invited to go with them I had hesitant. This is actually my simple life of like or belief on prayer.
8. Mall hopping
  • Aside from the church to hang out when I am sad and lonely. Mall is one of my hideout but I won’t shop anything just like roaming taking time relieving the sad and lonely. My mind will be busy adoring stuff I like and sometimes am a heart breaking when couldn’t have it.
9. Travel
  • Oh this is the most I love exploring different tourist spots. However much I wanted to do exploring fortune is so elusive. It would be more exciting when you traveled with someone you love!J
10. Blog/ email/ chat
  • I honestly admit that blogging and exchange email is the least I do when I am in my computer. Yet most mails have read a weeks or a month passes. Later on has been changed, inspiratiion made it changed! i have more reason sticking on blog and exchanging mail. if I would have enough time I do this every minute. It’s a time of work is now elusive.

I am very simple person anything and anyone made me happy!:)

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