Thursday, September 20, 2007

Miss Someone 1

1. Do you miss someone now?
. yeah... so much in fact...

2. Why do you think its hard for some people to understand you?
. because they dont really know me,that's why..

3. What do you prefer? friends before being lovers, or the other way around?
. ive tried both and failed in both, too.. i guess, it depends.. somehow,
someday, you'll find someone who will be with you all the way... (naks! ni-
rhyme pa, hehe)

4. Take a line of a song dedicated to the one you are thinking of right now.
. "how did you know, i needed someone like you in my life..."

5. Have you done something lately that made u feel bad?
. yeap and i hope im not gonna do it EVER AGAIN.

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