Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dialaflight - Flights to New York

By virtue of my profession I come on a daily base across with bookings for flights and hotels for clients. Drifting from one disappointment to another I found myself at From that day on most inconvenient hiccups disappeared gradually.

The grumbling in front of my desk came to a hold. Especially clients bound for the USA had a very striking smile on their faces, which was fun to witness. As a matter of fact: it still does! No wonder with the special offers for flights to New York. Newark flights, LaGuardia flights and JFK flights, all in the palm of my hands. In a clear way hotels and car rentals, both with a wide range of good choices, are presented and from what i've heard so far, both in prime shape with an output to the satisfaction of all. Not to mention the offers for holidays to New York. Even very familiar names like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island contain surprising elements.

It's like the DialAFlight slogan says: fast answers from the people who have been there! And that is not surprising, with 25 years of experience! Thank you guys out there! I hope to see the Big Apple myself one of these days.

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Hi Glorie.

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