Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Break time 4

1. Are you taller than your mom?
- nope, mom's taller than me
2. What color is your curtain?
- brown green man here n the office
3. What is the closest thing to you right now that is red?
- paper clip only
4. What is your ring tone?
- me and you by cassie
5. Does anything hurt on your body
right now
- so far im in good condition unlike last week:)
6. What color is your favorite pillow?
- blue and pink but right now white.
7.What is/are your favorite video game?
- i dont know how to play one
8. Had a nap today?
- a bit sleepy but dont have plan to get a nap. im too busy blogging
9. Gold or Silver?
- silver
10. Is there an animal that creeps you
- snakes, rats (big ones!), crocs
11. Who was the last person you rode an
elevator with?
- forgot
12. Did you go ice skating as a kid?
- i guess in sm before.but i totally don't know now, maybe because i gained much?:(
13. Ever have stitches?
- yah, appendicitis:(
14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
- juice! :)
15. How long ago did you hug someone?
- waaahhh should i say 48 yrs ago?
16. What's something you want to do
before you die?
- have a child
17. have you ever caught something on
- nope
18. Have you ever seen a ghost?
- yeah together with my grandmother:(
19. Have you ever seen northern lights?
- nope
20. Do you know how to use chop sticks?
- yeap
21. Name something good that happened
- i've just started my day
22. What room are you in?
- office room
23. Are you worried about something you
can't control?
- yeah, sometimes kc im a control freak
24. Do you take daily medications?
- before, for my ulcer
25. Ever been in a fight?
- yeah, haha
26. Are you wearing nail polish?
- yeap, pink :P
27. What time is it?
- 10:02am
28. Innie or Outie?
- huh?
29. Ever used a Ouija board?
- yeap when i was a kid with my neighbor, it was really fun not scary!heheh
30. Sweet or Sour?
- sweet
31. Sun or Moon?
- moon
33. Favorite eye color of the opposite
- brown :)
36. Time of day you were born?
- 4:05am
37. Do you know your blood type?
- type o
40. What would you spend 5,000 dollars
on right now if you were handed it?
- invest
41. Name something annoying in public
- bad smell
42. Which animal(s) remind you of
- horse, tame but wild, hahaha! :)
43. Whats your background on your pc?
- vacation pic
44. Did you grow up in the city or
country / province?
- city
45. Would you ever consider going on a
reality tv show if offered a large sum
of money?
- depends
46. Have you flown in your dreams?
- yeah
47. What's one thing you're really good
at cooking?
- im into desserts not cooking jud
48. Kisses or hugs?
- both! :)
49. You have 10 dollars to spend in the
dollar store what do you get?
- food
50. Slurpee flavor?
- ... none.

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