Sunday, September 16, 2007

Break time 18

11. Have you been pressured to do anything recently? If so, what was it?
** yeah jus this minutes because i badly need to post a 9 post in my blog:(.
12. Who's the hottest person you know right now?
** darn, hard to decide, esp when ur the hottest, bwahaha... just kidding.
13. How do you feel about the person who posted this before you?
** a friend
14. Do you know anyone with a serious illness? Who?
** nope
15. Do you like your name?
** yeah..
16. Is anyone interested in you right now?
** YEAH! haha.
17. Who is the fifth text in your inbox from? What does it say?
** Kees...take care:)
18. What's your favorite number?
= 23/17/29

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