Sunday, September 16, 2007

Break time 17

1. Who was the last person you hung
out with, one-on-one?
** today? nope..yesterday, my cousin mark
2. Do you think you're approachable?
** yes!
3. How do you feel about the last person you kissed?
** hahaha! :)
4. Do you regret doing anything in the past week?
** nope, i have a great week :)
5. When was the last time you had alcohol?
** Long time ago, i don't drink hard or light alcohol to be honest
6. Are you a partier
** nope, once in a blue moon only i attend.if there is an invitation.
7. Are you interested in anyone right now?
** YEAP!
9. Do you have a dirty mind?
** hmmm... define "dirty mind", hehe.
10. Would you ever work as a stripper if it were the only available job for
** nope...i guess there is still no matter..


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