Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to the reality

i am back to the four corner of my boring office from a sick leave! you hear it right, sick leave!! yeah, i was sick for few days of an overfatigue:( it was started after i done my weekly laundry, had whole body muscle pain, dizzy and colds but i still manage to report on the following day taking for granted the drowsy bod. When i was already in the office gosh as i step foot on the floor was fainted!:( the clinic is close, doctors is out and my boss is out! i am all alone taking care of myself no one to asked help as early as 6:45am!:(

Now, i am back again, a bit recovered. Even i was sick didn't feel it because someone i just knew were so caring and concern about me. He kept on calling and sending message how do i feel in the midst of his busyness at. wow! that is really flattering when someone thought and care about you!:) Stubborn as i am that to badly need to report immediately at work because of dreadful deadline monthly report despite his advice to fully recovered! He surely understand me!:) Thanks for him!:)

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