Thursday, June 14, 2007

How do I spent my summer vacation?

I guess most of us during high school days we were obliged to write an easy about how we spent our vacation: Christmas and summer. On the first page of our Formal Theme, we were excited to write down the experienced we had on vacation. Unfortunately, mine, was quite bore. Every vacation is a routine for me, no exploration of different beaches nor some interesting get together. It was just plainly doing the household chores the entire summer, however, still interesting because vacation is only way we get along with each other to my family. We have unlimited time playing our favorite sports in our backyard. Few times only we took the beach party as far as I remember that was a reunion of our family. That made our summer memorable since then. Time change in inevitable, as we grow older, we have different ideas we could explore. I, love nature, beaches, exotic places, I could afford to spend my life exploring different places and would learn the sophisticated people.

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