Monday, March 05, 2007

To ride again

ahemm ahemm ahemm....

Someone here is contemplating if she/he is ready to ride the beautiful life of love. But it has been assured to herself/himself NEVER!... too early yet for another accidents of a wrong drive.:( Must need a license to become professional when things go wrong..:)


Radio's fine
It helps me forget for awhile
I look back and recall
Those days I had with you
Sometimes I need a friend
Just to make it through
Another day without you...

You gave me all the reasons to live
Then you had to go
And I just got to let you know
Its hard to love again
Just to make it through
Another day spent without you...

And I don't want to go on pretending
That its going to be a happy ending
If I should love again
Once I've learned to love again
And, no, it will never be the same
Without you baby
This pain inside me is driving me crazy
'Cause, its hard to love again...

Friends are great
They cheer me up for sometime
When the day is done
My mind is back again with you
Oh God, I need a friend
Just to make it through
Another day spent without you...
(Repeat chorus to fade)

It's not the men in my life that count -- it's the life in my men


Ylan said...

ngano gacontemplate man kuno ka beh if ready naka or dili? ngano naa diay nagpasumbingay diha? nyahahaha!!!! nakadagit ka didto sa crown noh? tsk.. wala ko giapilan ay! :P

glorie said...

mmam, kauloy sa Ginoo wala jud tawon nabuta nako:( grabe na kaau ko pa kislap kislap sa akong mata ug ngipon anih wala jud..heheh mga Koreano ug Chinese na ang among guest karon, naa say mapili nila...haha unya kanus-a man ta mangape?

Genalyn said...

Hehehe..ganahan kaayo ko ani nga kanta mam glor.Mao jud ni akoang cgehan kanta bisan yabag hala kanta didto pako sa cebu..mingaw ko kanta ani dah ala man sa singshot gud ni kantaha.


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