Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Watch out virus!

Hello...k, Bye! as early as 7am was awake the call of aillien. When I am about to go back to sleep I slip the mirror saw my face..wahahhahh what is this bitchy pimples on my face, screaming so loud! where did I get this and how come I have this? Was it a dust or what? dont have really idea In my entire life never had a pimple and furiously why have it all now. It is not only the pimples spread in my face but also skin irritation/ allergies in my left arm and right hands. To where I am off in the calendar ayha pa ni gara abot. Mao pay daginuton kaau atong fazz butangan pa jud alimagasag samot wala nay mabuta...hhehehehuhuhu I cannot resist pricking the pimples and the itchy allergy.Devastating allergy and pimples.

I am not fortunate to flawless skin but I am taking care of it. Mao dili jud ko palabot anih dili sad ko ka dawat nganong naa ko pimples and skin irritation. O.A ra sad ng in-love ha kay dili na effect. heheh! How bad things came my way to a sudden virus may it be in the skin and in my computer. My comptuer threated 159 virus quitely affected There was anti-virus installed but forgot to activate the firewall and one time I happen to click spyware that was started. It has been a couple of days experienced the devastating hang up. I don't know how would I fixed by myself because huge charged to others is possibly can't afford.

I sat completely engrossed in the problem. Oh God nganong imon ning gihatag nako nga trial...huhuhu wahahaha! unsay labot ni God? heheheh

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