Saturday, September 13, 2008


Absolutely nothing interesting has happened lately. It was sad when I overlooked this blog for quite some days. I was focused on my other blog. I badly need time management. My day is occupied with much work on writing reviews to other blogs and paid post blogs. And a bunch of unexcused work to reason out my failure to update here. I honestly envy those bloggers who have countless blogs and manage all the same. I wonder how they divide their time. Well, I do the best I can here. I'm still organizing everything.


cielo said...

i love reunion and get togethers of old becomes evenmore special if you are bounded by distance and you seldom see each other...its fun to touch based with old friends and it keeps our feet grounded

Rolly said...

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alex said...

hi ms glorie!!!

i'm doing my rounds again,

i have a little request can you change my old url ( / alex / retarded's notebook) to on your blogroll?

thanks thanks thanks in advance!

Petula said...

Yea, that's understandable. I don't know how people keep up with more than one blog either. It's difficult to make time for everything when so much is going on. It'll all work out I'm sure.

Princess K said...

Nah, pareha ta Glors I already ignore most of my blogs and just keep few running.

Btw, have a good weekend!


irel said...

u got that right, ako gali tapolan naman ko magupdate unya naa pa koy bag-o wahhhhhh makakapoy nga makaadik. unsaon nalnag jud. musta naman ka nganha? ako makapost ra kos uban nako blog uf hapit na expire ako assgnmt. lol anahala enjoy the rest of u'r week:)

Euroangel said...

Hi Sis..bisdak pud ko..mao lagi basta daghan na blog libog na unsaon pag update..hahaha...added you in my 4 blogs.diay...pls add them too...under Euroangel pls...give me a buzz too..salamat kaayo

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Norm said...

hello glo! thanks sa visit ha, ako sad usahay ra update sa akong blog kay kapoi, ako ra update if naay opps ug wala dli sad. Extend my best regards to all...

inguribile said...

:-) smile is free :-)
Nice to meet you

chubskulit said...

Yeah its very hard to keep up.. I only have two but the other one is neglected plus two makukulit kiddoes heizzzz tooooo muc work!

Thanks for visiting.. Can we pls xlink and follow each other blogs? maraming salamat!

4ever7 said...

Great blog! Please add up my two blogs and I have added you to my blogroll already.

pchi said...


Me too, I can't do everything
you know
work1,work2,house chores and blogging

i wish I could but health is of utmost importance

I think some bloggers do it also 'cause it's addicting na rin

desperateblogger said...

hi! here's wishing all in my blog roll a safe, prosperous and a happy new year.

Manna From Heaven
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Anonymous said...

Hello there my friend! I found your blog very interesting so I have added your link in my Blogroll. I hope you'll link me back. Have a nice day!

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

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