Friday, August 08, 2008

Shopper addict

A Girl’s Night Out is for sure a classic spending of leisure time. To see all those faces together is a treat! But every once in a while a gathering like that can be distracting! Lately, I hoped to get some advice from them for a handful of gifts. But many a desk of department stores was flying by, without much attention of the displayed merchandise.

Being back home with not even half of the presents I was looking for, it dawned upon me there was still the internet to save me. I’ve been on before, but it came to me as if there’s much more available now. Have they changed the site?

Anyway, I got some pretty nice stuff I wouldn’t have thought about in a real shop. Like that FM Radio Toaster for a gadget-minded small-room-living dear friend of mine at . The Book Light was a great find at . It’s for my sister,, like to keep it myself. And my dad will be very pleased not to get new socks again, but that handy how-should-a-girl-come-to that-idea Paint Sprayer at !

The next Girl’s Night Out desks may fly again in every direction. I’ll be on the Web for some real good choice! Thanks Wiki!

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