Saturday, July 05, 2008

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When I inclined to the business of fashion I had several names I considered the best but did not pass DTI: dressmeup and fit4all. I’m maintaining these two for my paid blogging. Both supposedly contain more facts of fashion in which way you learn how significant fashion could be in our daily lives?! However I decided to changed the theme of fit4all: would talk about general life happening, surrounding technology, the life of a chef, the fruits of fashion, celebrities and the day today life of orinday people. The dressmeup will talk itself about the fashions: How this helps in our day-to-day activity and how this fashion affects our moods every now and then, how we can create fashion in our own unique way. You absolutely learn from this. I know some have a wide knowledge on this but wouldn’t it be nice to expand your knowledge with open arms and willingness to impart and benefit this to all of us? I surely share it here. Just keep loafed this blog, definitely there’s something you will gain. Hehehe

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