Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Have you ever felt locked up without being really imprisoned? Have you ever seen the days that the walls seem to creep slowly towards you? Same as the time? That the night and day show not much difference? That the spider in the upper right corner of your bedroom seems to grow bigger? Even your own movements feel like being in slow-motion? For two very long days there’s been a pouring and non stopping rain: a crescendo tapping on the roof top that makes me sleepy. And that’s all I do: sleep! For a short moment the sun appeared: my long awaited internet connection was back... i could get in touch with the outside world again! Disappeared was my boredom, like snow in the sun. But this line of communication was short lived: the typoon was the party booper and caused a brown out! Gone were my friends again, like the food in my fridge: one by one it disappeared. I haven’t been able to go out for some groceries. Water and Bread is my diet now. Gone are the bloggers. Gone is my bread winning with blogging. I wish it was that darn rain. “Rain, Rain, Go A-way, Come Back A-no-ther Day”.

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Lou said...

Water and bread sounds good enough for me..*wink

Hope you can visit my blogs too. I've linked you up in my 2 blogs.

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