Wednesday, June 18, 2008

name to endure

I have created fit4all under the name of my small business which has been existed a couple of months. I was lucky enough to have my beloved friend who bought this domain. However, when it is needed to register the business name in Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). I carried confidently the name fit4all. Unfortunately it was not approved by them for the reason of duplication to some of a business name here in the Philippines. You must create a business name unique which I thought fit4all was! It gave another headache thinking what would be the best stand alone business name. Imagine I gathered some ideas of my friends for this name. To register your business name you have to give 3 optional names, the one that doesn’t have duplication that will be the final business name of yours. The line of my business is clothing I had selections of: B-FIT, ForeverFitting, and Comfy and Fashionable. And the new business name that I should embark and carry during the entire existence of my business was: B-FIT! Well, not that bad..but I don’t know what B stands for? It doesn't have any significance that word:( hihi.. oh well, the Department of Trade and Industry has the right to refuse and decline your business name but on my own domain I have the right to keep and happily use this the rest of my entire life. I still love my fit4all baby! Hehehe

Yet another business name I registered…and I am clueless of the meaning: IGM BYKZ ‘R US, I only presumes that I-Indhay, G-Glorie, M- Marc ( oh curious) or Maria? Wahahaha that has been approved also. Then again, it still sounds good. I must embrace my business name. If I have another business name to register I should consult an expert in creating business names, is it almanacs or what? hehehe

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