Monday, June 30, 2008

Man Auction off his Life

It awakened me in seconds when I tried to browse when the Yahoo txt Man Auction off his Life!” caught my attention. I had to sigh while still uploading (my connection for now really sucks! ggrrr..). Was this man insane when he decided to put his life on Sale? Oohhh sounds interesting. There must be a huge reason. Couple of minutes, got an answer, and enjoyed a 2 hours review about all the perks he had in life. Amazingly, he had all the strength to leave what his life had offered him. I pondered about the reasons: LOVE! This is the strongest reason to live in this beautiful world. Life without Love is no life at all; it’s my favorite phrase from the movie Ever After. Whatever your position in this world; when love does not exist life turns so dull and dry. No matter how much you try to stand without love, it will creep on you. Nothing is perfect but do believe that you have all the freedom despite the imperfections you have. The right to correct a wrong situation.. When love fails it’s not the end of the world. You just need to structure another new interesting life. Just like this man did: he needed to get a new life and left his old familiar life.

I also faced downfalls in my love life and I’m, in honesty, spoon fed with pretty much all the facts of life and love. It hurt me a lot and decided to close down the shutters for love. I love my life but I muse about to give and get love.. I’ve woven a steel fence around my heart and feel guarded. No-one is allowed to hurt me, not even that cute dog of the neighbors. I don't have that much to auction like he did, but I'm in the best spirit to leave and walk into the future. There is life after love when everything is dealt with and ok. This man (and I) are looking forward what life has to offer in the

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