Monday, May 05, 2008

My flower

How grateful I am to receive a flower from a sweet blogger. That shows how sweet a person is. I may have not been active for now but it is truly a nice feeling having a cyber friend who is thoughtful. From the bottom of my heart I extend my gratitude to Ness. The flower rose must be given to my beloved bloggers: carlotz,wendy, loloy, loannah, freezebox,4ever7, ara-muse, happy, dexie and to those who love the rose.


Chikai said...

hello GLO!

musta naman imong byuti diha? how about imong internet connection... wa na gakamang? hehe!

pasalamat diay ko sa inyong duha ni Ylan sa pagsundo ug pagtour sa amoa sa cebu. maski kadyot ra to pero nag enjoy jud mi ug taman. hangtud ron nagtuo jud akong ususera na manghud na sa waterfront cebu mi nagstay. hahaha!

anyway, kita2x na lang ta puhon. ayo2x mo diha permanente ug pagkugi ug blog. hehe. usahay ra jud ka ga-update ba. *winks*


4ever7 said...

Thanks for the flower!

Lou said...

hi glorie, thanks for the beautiful flower, very much appreciated.

see you in my blog!

Nita said...

Hi, another bisdak add naman ako two blogs. Na add naka naku... og

Nita said...

Hi, another bisdak add naman ako two blogs. Na add naka naku... og

................ said...

WOW, what a nice and lovely flower!

Lucky you!

Anyway, hope you will have a great weekend!

Lou said...

Hi Glorie, asa na man ka? heheh


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The Shutterbug
On A Lighter Note

4ever7 said...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to visit, I was sick last week!

Ylan said...


atu na i career atong blogs, i add ni akong mga blogs sa imong links hehe


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