Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Both I'm disconnected of my internet access and of all the information of the bloggers. For a few days i was devastated because of certain situations plus the laggard internet... ggrrrr! I don't gain any earning anymore! ggrrrr.. anyway, i fervently pray to finally finish my other hangout of blogs as soon as the connection permits me. I miss working on my desktop. Couldn't get enough time uploading pictures from Camotes.. waahahh. I feel shortened a great vacation when i failed to visit Camiguin. My summer is still alive! hehehe..



na dd na tika diri s ako 4 blogs sis..let me know when ur done cleaning my bloglinks man diha....

PLS. UNDER the name RedRuby1 and so Blog title much better..

berto said...

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desperate blogger said...

hi! pls update my link to tnx

and life goes on for a filipino mom



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