Monday, March 03, 2008

lazy butt

I honestly a lazy duck updating my blog here couldn't blame my wallet for blog earning was absolutely hole:( however much i tried to sneak a second on the computer time and laziness kick me off. huhuhu the entire result got a zerop PR on my blog..again huhuhuh when can i get back here and regain my PR? Sis, HELLLPPPPPPP MEEEEEEE.... hehehe


Norm said...

hello glo! ambot bitaw ng pr oi ako gihatagan ug pr3 for 3 days only wala nalang jud gi one month bawi sad dayon sa google..hayyy ambot nila dalo kaayo ug pr ba..

Amy said...

hallo ms glorie, aguy.. mura ga dungan ra cguro ta pag zerongot sa PR and until now wala pa jud ko baliki.. gidaug-daug jud ni gogol ba! lol*


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