Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

All has happened so fast and furious that after the holy week my returns day is fast approaching… geezzz how young am i? Secreto para bibo!... age doesn’t convey on the face rather the fulfillment you have achieved in life… Have I reached that achievement? Mmmm don’t think so. Well, I could say that I am in the midst of reaching all my goals in life and praying for that. For now I am enjoying every single and simple thing that comes to my life. In all honesty I’m not that excited of my forthcoming birthday because I have important matters to attend to. Of course I am thankful to God for giving me another year to spend for better or for worse:)

Happy Easter glor and everyone! heheh


Baby Boy said...

Hello Tita Glors, how are you? Thanks for visiting my(babyboy's ) blog. How was your Easter?

I had so much fun with my Easter egg hunting.

Take care and see you sometime again.

JOY said...


vincent said...

hello.. thanks for the visit.. already added you in my site..

Lily said...

Hi Glorie,

Belated Happy Happy Birthday to you.

Better late than never di bah. dont worry about age just enjoy life to the fullest.take care of yourself and stay healthy sa kanunay is my only wish for you.

Wishing you a blessed wednesday!

Amy said...

ay sorry, late na diay kos balita dinhi.. belated happy ms glory! stay as nice as you are. wink*

Amy said...

syalan.. nakulangan ako greetings da.. Belated Happy Birthday! kanimo miss:)

Babette said...

Hello Glorie, advance happy birthday! :) Dapat nyan meron kang special date ha. ;)

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