Wednesday, March 19, 2008


It’s Holy Wednesday when I got stranded in a long queue at the Department of Foreign Affairs for the appearance of renewal of my passport. I didn’t realize that it’s almost expired; i don’t use it often, yet ofcourse it’s better to have it renewed before it’s too late! I was amazed of the new DFA system, actually I already knew last year that there was a new system on processing your passport. It takes too long of process that the expedited process 5 days will resume to 15-20 days and the regular processing 30 working days, passport picture size with royal blue background and Americana suit which provided by the DFA. This is what they call New Machine Readable because before your passport appeared is barely hand written that odd thing. When the system was implemented the photography inside DFA was replaced and had a new system too. What made me astonished and a bit furious was that I might encounter the same problem with other passport pictures. While I am in the queue for pictures few people approached the photographer that the pictures were declined by the DFA New Machine Readable because the skin tone did not match, the pictures showed a more white skin than in reality. Haven’t they updated photoshop? Actually they did, but they are not that professional when the camera is not that good to capture a good one. I was a bit furious with mine because I don’t want to go through another process again just because my sole face is the reason of being declined by the machine. While hearing those complaints i was not able to concentrate to retouch myself but the result was good.. heheh I don’t know i was too dark but then again I am that dark.. heheh. Another thing that made me furious was when the travel agent was too late. He set the appointment but he showed up only after 3 hours, my load was almost gone for countless txt I sent to him. I complained that one should not set me an appointment for appearance when it is too far because I have other things to do.. hehe. I was a bit mad with the txt but he explained properly the reason why. When my turn of appearance was amazed of the computerized system in order to avoid missing of your information you will be standing in front of the computer while they are typing your information so it will be clearly done. Good system unlike before they will just check the information sheet with the result countless complaints of the wrong gender, spelling of the name etc. Since they have just started the new system it’s understandable there’s a delay because all the documents will still be send and processed in Manila. That makes them 15 days of your expedited. A 3,5 half hours later the process of my passport was ended and i’ll be waiting for 20 days. I pray that there will be no problems with the pictures.:(

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