Tuesday, January 29, 2008


it seems these past few days was not able to do my responsiblity here as blogger as writer of my daily activity because health kept me stagnant doing so. I got on and off fever, back pain, cough and colds maybe because of the weather or maybe was not fully recovered yet after the New Years sickness or maybe my body needs someone to cover on it, someone to warm on it?? ahhh what is that? LOL. Whatever my speculations was, i owe sorry here specially to all my bloggersmate who continuously leaving a footprints here. Soon enough i surely drop off your house! Promise!:)

oh yeah i am so excited yet exhausted to buy my own domain because don't have concrete ideas on what would be nice or best domain that signify to my life. can't use my precious name, already taken:( almost cracked my head on these..heheh I just like a name that is easy to remember but unique!

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