Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Cup of Tea

i am nowhere to be found again of my valuable blog! mmmm...something kept me busy? no way..hehe, it happened that 2008 was preoccupied of my disgusting health suffering from a very very dry cough hardly could i breathe. Well, I owe to my unprofessional doctor friend's advice a cup of Tea, Honey, Lemon (lemoncito), and the Rhum with the combination of a groovy move on Blacked eyed peas hot music, its totally amazing fast recovery! what an excellent advice! LOL take the advice only the cup of tea please?!?..hehe! its your prerogative if want the entire combination..LOL Honestly guys the beginning of the year makes me really sick!! huhu..Is this a sign that i might get sick the entire year? Oh no Lord!:( :-) I am an obedient child since birth please don't allow myself be suffered..:) My name even connotes a glorious life! hehe and so?

I better go now take my lunch.. i didn't get sense here!lol. I only grab the opportunity on the computer for few minutes since my officemate was out!:)

1 comment:

Yummylicious said...

Hahahahaha...same gyud ta Glors g-ubo dia pud ko cg ug aw...aww murag iro hahahaha.

Maaung adlaw ug maaung weekend unya nimo diha.



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