Monday, January 14, 2008


1 * Do you like to talk a lot ?
. when im with sense but since i am always not with sense never mind talking with me..hehe

2 * Do you love anyone now ?
. yeah but i have to sing the song: WHY CAN'T IT BE?!!

3 * What are you thinking of now ?
. am thinking if i do the laundry since rainy kept me lazy..hehe

4 * Do you want to cry now ?
. huh..why should i

5 * Do you hate yourself ?
. i learn to appreciate that im getting the level that i wanted to be

6 * Do you find yourself cute ?
. more than that baybeh

7 * Do you feel like having a gf/bf right now?
. shall i say that there is one i like but far to get into that point!:(

8* Are you angry at someone ?
. nope, why should i?

9* Do you love the people who make you happy ?
. why not...

* Do you rather shop alone or with people ?
. love it when im alone

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