Friday, December 07, 2007

The man of my life

geezzz this tag from Norm is some kind of revealing for me..hehe should i answer it all? Well nothing is wrong with that and i will answer as honest i could do!:P


=How old Is ur Lover?
♥ sweet sixteen:P

=What is Ur lovers Fav. Color?
♥ we have same favorite Pastel color

=What Is ya Lover Fav. Movie?
♥ Many to mention but he is a workaholic that seldom could watch a movie.

=What does Your Lover like to do most?
♥ work and work and work...

= How much Do u LOVE your LOVER?
♥ as much as he loves me:P

=Is Your Lover a Flirt?
♥to the max flirty-- it must be me he should do the flirting or else..hehe

=Where did U and Your Lover First Meet?
♥ we have crossed each other

= How Long Have u and Your Lover Been going out?
♥ seldom since work keep it busy..because we are miles away!:(

=Do u and your Lover Parents Have a good relationship?
♥ Yes

= Does your lover like night or day?
♥ both

=Do your Lover like root beer or Sprite?
♥ Sprite but more of wine

=Do you and your Lover get along?
♥ sometimes

=Do you and your Lover Fight? If so Who Wins the fight?
♥ there are times of misunderstanding but that is not a competition.

=How often do u go to your Lovers house?
♥ hmmm...

=What does your lover call you?
♥ sweety and if he is angry by my precious name gloria heheh

=Is your Lover older or younger than you?
♥ I prefer older and he is older than me..

=Does your Lover buy you gifts often?
♥ sometimes

=Do you Hate your Lover AT TIMES?
♥ no..

=What is your LOVER fav. Sport?
♥ anything that interest on him:(

=Do your lover tell you everything?
♥ maybe but we respect each others privacy

I think it's the turn of Ylan, Mhafe, kramlo, Genalyn, Kookie, diane, ritchelle, joy, raquel,carlota, irel,haze,ivy, luchi, lily and others are welcome to reveal the man of their life.hehe


Anonymous said... love man lang pod ta man is just soooooo amazing iya nuon ko itukmod ug pahimo ani nga mana man ta ko ani nga tag,hehehe.ako ni dad-an madam...

Anonymous said...

hello maam tahnsk for tagging me:) interesting tag u had:) mana diay nako nabuhat :) enjoy the weekends mwah

dianeskie said...

thanks sa tag.

tag done.

Lily said...

Hi Glorie nahimoot ko sa imong tag kay murag katong swweethearts pa man gud mi ani nga mga question hehe pero na lingaw man sab noon ko og tubag and Im finally done with your tag. take care and enjoy the week-end my friend.

Amy said...

ms glorie, musta na guapa? katawa ko ana imo answer "sweet sixteen" lol*

btw, pasko na.. merry xmas to u! alegre na jud ron kaau sa cebu ba:)

Norm said...

hehehe sweet sixteen tapos may P sa dulo means promise...Hi Glo! just visit you here...have a great day..


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