Monday, December 03, 2007

gloomy sunday

I am currently not in a good mood on this Holy Sunday. First and foremost, had not visited the church because of the heavy rain. I woke up late 12:30 noon already with a 2 missed call from my guest whom i had arrange their tour in Cebu and Bohol today fortunately all went well as i received the news. Still have the routine Sunday laundry which is not yet done to the said weather. What i did downloading pictures that has been taken some months ago and last Friday. I waited my friend Candy since it was her digi-cam we used during the taking picture to the big Christmas tree in Ayala. So while waiting Candy was taking the time to chatted someone special however our time didn't met when i am he/she was busy at work and vice versa. I was delighted sharing some pictures with him/her which i wish he/she also:) I feel a bit lonely when couldn't received any response after a few minutes and my understanding will always be here of course!:) Then, i wrote two post paid blog for my sister because i badly need that. while waiting him/her to appear online trying to locate my online album unfortunately couldn't found any. How sad it was when those memories of picture was all gone. I had given up cracking my head but nothing i could remember a single user name and password:( gggrrrr heaven help me to remember, please! It's a lesson for me when i didn't have any back up for those pictures. Now i learn my lesson.:)

This is all went through my Sunday and better sleep now with a lonely heart!:(

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