Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wedding planner

To all single ladies and soon-to-weds! I have something exciting to share your dream wedding. Wedding Ideas are gathered from friends and family. These days, it’s fashionable to hire a wedding planner. But even with one, the soon-to-weds still have to be on top of making choices. Besides, being hands-on in the planning and execution of this pivotal moment is part of the excitement and adds to the beautiful memories the couple can look back on with fondness.
The decision to get married doesn’t end with having chosen a partner with whom to “live happily every after” with. It is only the start of having to make a lot more choices and compromises. And we’re not even talking about their life as a married couple. That’s another story altogether. We’re referring to the preparations for the wedding: the venue, the rings, the color motif, the invitations, the fashion designer for the bride, groom and entourage, the flower arrangement, the caterer, the cake, the photographer/video-grapher, souvenirs and keep sakes, the limousine service, and the wedding destination are among the most basic aspects soon-to-weds have to agree on. For the more fastidious who want a grander and more elaborate wedding, the list could include: the choice of music, entertainment, fireworks and other special effects.

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