Saturday, November 10, 2007


eewww.. totally knackered tonight! just arrived from Tubod swimming pool. I had great time swimming with my long lost friend Bebora. We never had chatted for quite some time but had a great time bonding with her today! i'll post some photos here next time.. this could be also a nice weekend to me that just this minutes i received invitation with Aillein for another bonding to spend since we never talked couple of weeks! i accept the invitation she might upset with me. I think we will just chillin' in the cool place here in cebu. If she brought her camera another beauty pics to post here..heheh

shall i go now? dont ask anymore if i am late usual!:( heheh see, my cellphone beeping now..sure its aillein! better to go now...

see you later guys!:)

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