Saturday, November 10, 2007

On my Last

1. on your last birthday?
= had small gathering at home and dinner with Madame Phoebe at her expense!:) Thank u madame!:)

2 . Yesterday?
= the usual place-office-house! was invited with aillein but blogs again kept me busy!:(

3 . Last weekend?
= bonding with computer for blogs..would you believe this paid post blog sleep me 'till wee hours? but its worth it!:)

4. Last Christmas?
= party with neighbors and went to church with a heavy heart. generally speaking it was a gloomy christmas:(

5. Last New year's eve?
= party with neighbors. one invitation that i refuse 'coz it would break my heart!:(

6. Last Valentine's day?
= dinner at crown regency with my co-worker

7 . What's the last thing you ate?
= haven't bite anything yet this mins.

8. Thing you drank?
= water

9.Last message u received??...
= what pool are we going?

10. Last place you went to?
= office only nothing else:(

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